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Article: How well do you know your cervix?

I know, odd question. But think about it. Of all the parts of your body the cervix is one of those parts that most women haven’t a clue about. We know it’s in there, somewhere below the uterus. We know about cervical cancer and get annual exams to ensure our down-there health is up to par. But what else do you know? Most women’s knowledge of their cervix stops at that, especially if they have never had a baby and are not in the medical field. Before I became pregnant I knew very little about my cervix and even wondered why on earth “cervical” is used for two different body parts (you know, the one in your neck?!).

Below is a link to a fantastic article on cervical myths (the one down there). Aspiring to be a midwife has me sifting through all kinds of literature to educate myself. Every woman and her body is different, however the natural process of pregnancy and birth is quite universal.


What You Don’t Know About Your Cervix Can Ruin Your Birth


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