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FINALLY! Brio Birth, Here I come!

Wayyyyyy back in December I felt the very first urge to really get by behind in gear to become a childbirth instructor. I emailed my Bradley teacher and she suggested this new and coming-of-age form of childbirth classes called Brio Birth. She was very proud of be a Bradley instructor but as far as I could see, not one workshop was coming to the Denver area any time soon AND if there was something even more modern than Bradley, bring it on! When I say modern, I mean a few things. Not modern in the way of technology or interventions, but modern in the ways of teaching childbirth to all the young, soon-to-be parents who don’t want to have their baby in a barn, but might in their home, if that makes ay sense.

Anyway, I quickly started reading about Brio and came into contact with the Denver regional director. For weeks we emailed back and forth over when and where a Denver workshop for NEW educators might be. There were workshops for continuing ed teachers, but nothing for a newb like me. I waited. And waited and waited….nothing for months. My contact person was also so sweet and encouraging and I thought for sure she’d think I’d given up. Hardly. My passion to become an instructor and eventually a midwife has only grown stronger with each passing month. Workshop or not, I continued to read the suggested reading materials, many of which can be found on the tab above.

After April came and went, the month in which we were all hoping for date to be set and nearly 5 months after my initial interest in Brio began I stopped checking the site so often. I stopped emailing every other day and gave it up to God. I was sad, but hopeful that regardless, a date would be set.

Come the middle of July, B and I are driving home from a super fun wedding and I am messing around on my phone. It dawned on me that I had not checked the Brio site in some time. NEW EVERYTHING! I was shocked…I spent the next half hour navigating the new areas and info on my Droid and exclaiming to B (and keeping Logan fully awake past his bed time) about all the new info. We had until July 16th to reserve our spot at for a special SUPER discounted price, still without a Denver date added, or it doubled after August 1st. I could not risk it. B knew this was what my heart was aching to do so we took a leap of faith and drained our only credit card on the deposit. Yes, folks, this just DAYS after a huge move, one in which a credit card would have been very useful at times. Then, we waited some more. Over a month goes by as I am checking the site at least once a week to see if there have been any Denver dates added.

Last Friday while I was finishing a few things up at work I realized it had been over a week since I’d last checked, clicked on the link to dates fully expecting to see the same damn dates listed as before, none of which included Denver, and go one with it. But no….there was. The Denver workshop 3 day in person training right before my very eyes!! I was jumping out of my seat! Without a second thought I instantly requested those days off at work, knowing that our schedule gets made and set very far in advance and today those days were approved!

Come November I will officially become a Brio Childbirth Educator!!


10 thoughts on “FINALLY! Brio Birth, Here I come!

  1. Um, I would check out this site first…

    As someone who left another organization for Brio and was sorely disappointed after all the lying, deceit, physical assault and such, I sincerely hope you ask for your money back. I DID the training and you know what? They had nothing. Asked us experienced trainers to train the newbs. Not what I was expecting. Also, if you read this thread, they have NO trainers. You are getting swindled:

    Request your money back while you still can. All the educators have left. They are a sham of an organization at this point. Basically running a website to get click money. They seem like they have hundreds of educators, but it’s because they refuse to remove the hundreds of educators who have left.

    Doesn’t the fact that it took months to get even the slightest straight answer tip you off?

    I have no doubt you will be a wonderful educator. Just consider Bradley, CAPPA, ICEA or the God-forsaken Lamaze instead!

  2. I wish there was a way to properly warn you. Brio Birth has been a lot of hype and promises to a lot of women and there are at least 160 of us who were “taken” by them. They did not fulfill their promises or obligations to a large number of women. We don’t want to see you abused the way we were. Please don’t ignore any gut feelings you have if things seem to not be right. Please have everything in writing, EVERYTHING. And save all e-mails, receipts…. None of us thought this was necessary, we all thought we could overcome all the little things, so now we are left with a lot of “our word against theirs” business, which makes it possible for them to continue to operate as they did with us.

  3. Brio Birth has a rather colorful history and its really not as it is presenting itself. Please be very careful about giving them your money. You might want to read the Brio Vent blog (google it). I would have been considered an “insider” when Brio was trying to get going this past year and, although it had promise, it fell apart because the couple who own it are, in my opinion, running a scam. You might want to ask WHO is doing the trainings, because all the best trainers they had have left the organization.

  4. I know other women have warned you. I’m in a big battle over getting a refund as well as others. KEEP ALL YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS WITH THEM. You can file complaints with the BBB and as well if things are not resolved. I was a former Bradley teacher who moved over to Brio Birth after getting let go from AAHCC. How were you able to make a deposit if they cannot accept paypal payments? Did you call them? Just curious.

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