Article: The Real Risks for Cesareans

As a mama who was able to have the vaginal birth that I wanted, it is hard for me to understand exactly what a cesarean feels like. However, my drive to become a midwife does not waver in that I want to help educate you, dear readers, and any future clients, about the risks involved with a cesarean. There are risks involved with any birth, be it at home, in a hospital, with or without interventions. Heck, pregnancy is risky. The responsibility we as women are given to take care of and nurture a growing being is beyond fathomable which is why educating expecting mamas is so important to me.

This is also another one of those “reasons” as to why I want to be a midwife. I know that not every patient I have will have a successful, med-free vaginal birth. This is just one way to encourage childbirth education and teach women that they DO have a voice.

Check out the article HERE.


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