On Breastfeeding

I follow the blog of a pretty awesome woman and mama. She just so happens to also be a famous actress and musician. I’m talking about Bethany Joy Galeotti, miss Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill and the voice of Everly. She had a sweet baby girl in late January and has been guest-posting on Hello Giggles. Her most recent post is a genuine letter to all the mamas out there who might be having a tough time getting over that hump in breastfeeding. Maybe there are more than one “humps” to get over, I wouldn’t know. I was only able to nurse Logan until he was 10 weeks old. You can read about our struggles here.

Anyway, the letter is beautiful and so encouraging. I wish I’d read something like this as I was struggling through breastfeeding, feeling like there was no end in sight to the thrush and pain from the abscess. I urge you to read this if you’re a new mama trying to get through breastfeeding without giving up, or sharing it with a mama you know will appreciate it.


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