In the wake of wanting so badly to become a childbirth instructor, another option has dawned on me. Become a doula. This in and of itself will get me the most hands on experience in childbirth that I would want and need to become a midwife someday. Doulas don’t give medical advice or perform medical exams, but they do provide love and support through touch, positive language, and encouragment. This venture scares the shit out of me, but so does becoming a midwife. Anytime I try to attempt something new I get so nervous. In fact, if the route to get what I want seems too difficult, I may clam up and forget it. Not this time…I am seeking what’s in my heart and praying for peace with the right decision. If everything works out the way I’m hoping, I should be attending a workshop in February. I’d love to attend the one in December but I’m afraid I may not be ready. There is SO MUCH READING! Not that nursing school will be any different, but getting a head start is always helpful. There’s also a lot of steps to complete before certification which they give you 4 years to complete. I’m going through, the official website for international doula certification. Now this, my friends, I know is legit. I’ll update more as I’m able. Thanks for sticking with me through all this!

PS Check out the list of reading materials tab above…I’ve added 10 more books! Happy Reading!


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