Hi friends! Welcome! Seems I have a few new readers which just makes me so happy! I’m sorry I’ve been lacking in posts lately. Not much is going on other then reading my little heart out about breastfeeding. I checked out three books with the sole intention of skimming over all three briefly and then settling on one to finish reading to fulfill a requirement for the reading materials through CAPPA. I’m getting so excited!! Only a few more months before the workshop.

I’m trying to find a mentor in my area whom I can learn even more from and hopefully observe a few births with. I have 100% confidence in my becoming a doula, but seeing someone else perform is the best way for me to learn. Adapting my own methods and such will come with time.

A review on The Womenly Art of Breastfeeding will be up soon. I never read a book about breastfeeding when I was nursing Logan and I wish I had! I might have been able to overcome the challenges we had. Also, this is by the La Leche League which is VERY anti-formula feeding. Much like watching The Business of Being Born, the reader needs to take it with a grain of salt. There is a ton of excellent info, but the views are skewed. So many mamas TRY to breastfeed, or there’s a physical reason why baby can’t nurse, and so on, which is not covered very well. Overall, it was a good read.

I have some updates on Brio Birth, but will save that for another day. Have a great week!


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