Update on Brio Birth

As many of you know, I posted several months ago about becoming a childbirth educator through Brio Birth, a company which I thought I’d love joining. I had been scouring the website for months, waiting for a date in Denver to arrive for a workshop.

In July, before a Denver date appeared, I made the leap and put a $600 deposit down. A deal had been posted and my eager, yet naive, eyes (or heart), could not let that one slip through the cracks. For nearly two years now, all I’ve wanted to do was somehow work my way into the child-birthing community, one which I was certain was exactly where I belonged. Never before has my heart been so happy and passionate about one thing. I was elated to find a deal with Brio Birth and continued to wait for that special date.

A month later the date was posted for November. I jumped for joy! Finally, my dreams were slowly coming true. I had just started this blog and realized my even bigger dream of becoming a midwife. All along, I’ve believed in the more experience and education, the better. I want to get my hands wet where ever I’m able be it as a childbirth educator, doula, nurse and midwife. I wrote THIS post and quickly received many emails and comments warning me of Brio Birth. My heart sank. Where were all these warnings in my searches for the last 8 months?? Why NOW, after I’d already made my deposit, was I just finding all this out?!

I felt cheated. Embarrassed. Betrayed. After 8 months of regular correspondence with Naomi, the owner/creator, I never would have guessed what had been going on and now, what has become a part of our family. Thankfully, this has not stopped me from pursuing my dreams. It has only helped me become more aware about business and people and doing even more research before I invest in it.

As of today, after I requested a refund in September, I have yet to see that $600 and at this point, I don’t think I will. There are rumors swirling around that they may declare bankruptcy and such and honestly, I don’t care. If that happens then I will most definitely not be seeing that money again. The timing was terrible. Only a few weeks prior to my request one of our dogs had a terrible accident and before I learned about the issues with Brio Birth we had been talking about me not going through with the workshop and requesting a refund anyway. It was heartbreaking, all at once, to learn that financially it was not going to work out and dealing with a tragedy.

So the lesson learned is to fully educate yourself BEFORE you invest in anything, especially if it’s a newer, less-known business (or whatever it is). Regardless, I WILL become a childbirth educator, most likely through Bradley Method (which I KNOW is legit) in September and start a few pre-rec classes in the fall for nursing.

10 thoughts on “Update on Brio Birth

  1. I am so very sorry. So many of us were taken in. We all lost money, some a lot of time and some our own intellectual property as well. That said, I spent over a decade with Bradley and you might find that embarrassment and feeling cheated come by that route as well. I am moving slowly with a new organization that is set up in a way that gives me a lot more comfort and is moving at a slow and reasonable pace, so as to be able to make good on promises made. I am also in school to be a midwife too, so I wish you the best on your journey by whichever route you take.

  2. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that this happened to you. As a broke student married to a broke student, I know what a leap it is to pay for all these courses and certifications that will help you with your career but cost soooo much money. I am so sad that “companies” like this exist. I currently teach childbirth education with a curriculum developed by the non-profit I work for and I think I’ll get my certification through CAPPA. I’ve taken their certified lactation educator course and really enjoyed it.

    Know that your hard work will pay off! It feels like forever but nursing school flies by. You’re going to make a wonderful midwife. I really enjoy the blog and look forward to hearing more throughout your journey.

  3. Sarah,
    I am so sorry this happened to you. I fell into, too and has hurt. Bradley was a great breaking ground for me and I did learn there. When this whole debacle happened, I split ties with them and then starting learning more myself. I took anatomy and physiology because I want to be IBCLC and then CAPPA’s CLE course. I hope to have that completed soon and to turn in the CAPPA CBE as well.

    Please considering filing complaints so this is on record if anyone should search to join them. And, then the best advice I can give…let it go and learn from this. You will reach your goals and have that passion to achieve anything you really set your mind to do.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me.. finally after “working” with them for several months and seeing I would NEVER be getting my promised refund I disputed the charge with my credit card company and got my money back.

  5. Did you all see this news report? It is about Brio Birth and Kyle Thomas. Please share so more see how they are only money hungry.

    http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=267652 This one you can leave comments.

    http://news.yahoo.com/video/denvercbs4-15750663/man-accused-of-selling-bogus-parking-passes-for-pregnant-women-29273673.html It is from yahoo news with not a lot of FB recs. or views. If this got more, it would become front and center on yahoo homepage.

    Again, file a BBB complaint. It is all online and doesn’t involve actually talking with them. The more they get the better. while I know most don’t check the grade of a business, it is just a way to document publicly what is going on.

  6. And unfortunately the refund probably came from your credit card company, not from Brio’s bank accounts, which is how they just continue on and on and on.

  7. What about contacting the FBI since this appears to be a well planned scam? Or perhaps even a lawyer to file suit against these two? There are enough people involved it seems to warrant some type of serious action.

    1. I appreciate your suggestion. At this time, I’m not sure this is the best option, though I am sure I am not the only one to have considered it. Thanks for the comment!

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