• I’ve noticed many of you lurkers out there are searching for info regarding Brio Birth. First of all, welcome! Secondly, this blog is NOT about Brio. I will no longer be posting about it or the experiences I’ve gone through. If you have not read my previous posts, you can do so HERE and HERE. If you read the first link, you have to read the 2nd as they are two polar opposite posts. Okay, no more Brio talk.
  • I would still really like to post birth stories, though there seems to be little interest in that. If not birth stories, what else would you like to read more of here?? Please leave me a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • As you can see, I have given the blog a little face-lift. I love changing things up and now that I will be starting school in the fall, I wanted to have a more noticableย side bar with the curriculum I will be following. The classes listed for now are in the order I believeย I will be taking them in. They are all pre-recs for nursing school and thanks to the two other degrees and five years I’ve already spent in college, it isn’t much. HOWEVER, I really need to up my GPA so the 5-6 classes prior to applying will help me do that.
  • Work has been slooooooow lately. I don’t have any fun stories or learning experiences to share, but tomorrow is Friday and for some reason that is the day most of our unusual patients come through.
  • I’m reading two books right now, The Birth Partner’s Handbook by Carl Jones and Giving Birthย by Catherine Taylor. Reviews will be up as soon as I am finished. BTW, if you are an aspiring midwife or doula, I highly recommend going to your local book store and checking out the used section. I have found several of the books on my reading list for cheap and its a great way to grow my library.

2 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. fantastic! your prereqs will be done before you know it! i actually thought of you at my last on-campus intensive for midwifery school…one of my instructors had a degree in anthropology and decided she wanted to be a midwife so she started the whole shebang, went to nursing school, and went pretty much straight to midwifery school and she is so wonderful! light at the end of the tunnel. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you for the encouragement! I have loved following your journey through med school–it’s inspiring because I know my life is going to change drastically and you still keep it all together. ๐Ÿ™‚

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