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Baby Names

One of my most favorite things to think about is baby names. I LOVE talking about names with my husband for our future children. I love imagining what our little girl will look like what if her name would fit her perfectly.

Lately, there have been some very trendy names that I’ve heard at the hospital. I usually see 4-7 patients before they go home and after they’ve had their baby. I always ask what they have named their new little. The most popular girl names right now:

Claire, Charlie, Avery, Lila, and Lucy

Popular boy names have been:

Calvin, Syd, Maxwell, and Jayden

Baby names I love are:

Evelyn, Holden, Eli, Emery, Harper, Oliver, and Oden. Obviously, the hubs does not agree with me on all these names, but we still have time to make up our names for baby #2, which, by the way, is not even on its way yet. πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Baby Names

  1. My daughters name is Hailynn and my son is Holden πŸ™‚ If Holden had been a girl his name would have been Harper πŸ™‚

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