I have been reading Giving Birth by Catherine Taylor. Her writing is wonderful. She is a journalist and does a wonderful job of hooking you into her story right away. She is following midwives around, interviewing them and witnessing clinical appointments and births. This is not the review, but I wanted to share some really encouraging words that have moved me. These are the kinds of these that just keep that spark inside of me glowing. I have so much peace about my decision to become a midwife and it’s writing like this, first hand accounts and real experiences that really get me excited.

“The most rewarding job in the world is being a MOTHER-the second most rewarding job is being a MIDWIFE.” (found on a wall in a midwife’s office)

“What I like about midwifery is that I am able to promote what’s okay, to look at what’s right about the women in terms of her ability to have a baby. Women are, for the most part, built to have babies. We’re designed to give life. So how can we facilitate that process? And, I have to say, doctors don’t get trained that way as much, and it affects how they deliver care. However, for a doctor who’s been in practice long enough,I think his or her success still depends on being able to access what’s going well for a particular family and to ask, ‘What can I do to help them recognize what’s good and to recognize where they need help?’ So I think both of our trainings have merits.” quoted by Nancy, a midwife.

“Midwives explain that they belive it is important not to solicit thanks for their work or to take credit for the birth because it both undercuts the recognition that the mother and her family deserve and wrongly grants the power of birth to an authority outside the mother and her family.”

Where do you find encouragement? What are you reading right now that is motivating you?


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