Thrush and Breastfeeding

Next to the damn nipple shield, thrush was the hardest thing for me to overcome while nursing. It started when my son was 5 weeks old. At first, we were both miss diagnosed. His doctor never swabbed his mouth and I never had her check me for the signs. I just knew that I hurt and didn’t know why.

I had been visiting the hospital lactation consultants almost every day for help with getting rid of the nipple shield and making sure the little was gaining enough with my feedings. I had no issues with making milk. In fact, I had an over-production for awhile, which may have been why getting rid of the nipple shield was so hard. Anyway, I wanted to share some personal experience with thrush, what the signs and symptoms are, and how to treat. As always, talk to your doctor. I am not a doctor, I just know what it was like for me.


While nursing, my breasts hurt so bad. Like, an all over sensation of burning and overall heat that just made my entire chest hurt. My nipples were especially red and while I never noticed weird discharge other than milk, others have experienced that with thrush. Also, my son had a bit of white on his tongue. Not a lot, but enough for me to question if that was just milk residue.


We went untreated for almost 2 weeks. I saw a PA who was also an LC and she diagnosed both of us. We had to toss the nipple shields and get new ones as the bacteria is next to impossible to clear from such a thing, no matter how long you boil it. We were given Nystatin and that stuff is amazing. I put a few drops in my sons mouth a few times a day and applied the same directly to my nipples. It was sweet relief. Within a week, we were done with thrush.

I hope this might help you if you’re unsure if this might be going on. It is so hard, especially as a new mom if you’re nursing and you already have cracked and painful nipples, add in thrush to boot and you’ve got yourself a really unhappy mama.

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