Support in Childbirth: Affirmations

Birth affirmations are verbal reminders that you, the woman, were created to give birth. These are great tools for a laboring mama who especially is aiming for a calm, med-free birth. Her partner and birth support team can make her feel 100 times better simply by affirming that she is doing a great job. Reminders about different breathing techniques, positions, and overall knowledge that this is what you are meant to do and that it will end with something more incredible that one can imagine can greatly help a mama go into herself, believe that she is doing a great job, that the pain is temporary and necessary to bring her baby into the world. Here are a few of my most favorite affirmations.

  • I wait on my body to direct my next breath, my next surge, my next release of breath, my next inhale.
  • I am enough.
  • My body is enough.
  • My body can bring my baby into this world, down towards the earth she comes and out into the light she’s born.
  • I am proud of my body.
  • I trust my body.
  • I accept this pain, this pain is temporary and this pain will bring my baby into my arms.
  • My birth assistants are here to help me. I accept their love and support.
  • I relax my body, every inch of my skin relaxes as each rush begins and ends.
  • I will only focus on one rush at a time and will not allow myself the anticipation of the one to follow.
  • I need this pain to become a mother. I want this pain to become a mother.
  • This is not pain, this is pleasure. The pleasure of bringing my baby to my chest.
  • I am open to the energy of labor, the energy of pushing, the energy of giving birth.
  • I believe in birth.
  • I believe in God’s timing for this birth and will wait on each rush to help her into this world.
  • My baby knows how to be born.
  • My breath is easy, deep and full, filling my baby’s lungs with oxygen.
  • I am a birth warrior!

There are many more to add…what are some of your favorite affirmations? Please share in comments.


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