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Today, amid all the tragedy from the weekend, has been the best day I’ve ever had at work. I mama came in and delivered so quickly I hard the entire thing! I was in the room and heard that baby take her first breath of life and declare her presence. It was amazing. I cannot wait to be right there with mama catching her baby. Ahh

Since many of my readers stumble upon my blog because of the experience I’ve had with Brio Birth, I thought it would be worth mentioning a quick update. I got my refund. It took almost a year, but I got it and I am done with them. I hope that anyone who happens upon this blog who is interested in becoming a childbirth educator does so through a different, more professional avenue. That’s all.

And I got the an iPad! So now I need all you lovelies out there to tell me what your favorite, must have apps are, especially those for school and writing. Like, for example, should I get Pages or a different writing app for writing term papers and such?? Important stuff I tell ya. Thanks.


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