Birthplace Study

I found this through a link on Twitter today and it has A TON of information and stats surrounding home and birth center births in comparison to hospital births in the UK. A “midwifery unit” is just the same as a birth center here in the US.

Just a few of my favorite stats:

Planning to give birth in a midwifery unit results in no differences in adverse
outcomes for their babies (deaths and serious, or potentially serious, health
complications), compared with planning to give birth in an obstetric unit.

For women who had had a baby before, transfer rates were around 10%,
varying a little depending on where planned:
home birth – 12%,
freestanding midwifery unit – 9%,
alongside midwifery unit – 13%.

Previous research shows that midwives who care for women at home and in birth centers are experienced in supporting women using encouragement, different positions, immersion in water and massage to help them cope physically and emotionally during labor.

Read all the stats and find even more info through links HERE. Enjoy!


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