Two Classes Down

This weekend I finished two of my four classes I am taking this semester. Medical terminology went so well. I had initially thought it would be difficult but it was rather easy. I am certain that must be because I already work in the medical field and recognize many terms and I have a degree in English so roots, suffixes and prefixes were not difficult to learn. The most difficult section was on the urinary system. This was the only section I got a B on a quiz so I am very happy and proud to say I got an A in the course!

Pregnancy nutrition was also great. I loved reading the material, though it was more difficult that I had first anticipated. I struggled in a few areas and while grades are not official yet, I’m pretty sure I have a B. YAY! Even though this course is separate, I start Infant Nutrition today with the same book and professor. Five more weeks and then I will only have one class for the last half of the semester. I cannot believe how quickly the last 5 weeks went!

I will be posting a few discussions from pregnancy nutrition over the next few days. It is SO important that if you are planning on becoming pregnant or are already expecting that you ensure that you are getting enough calories, taking the right vitamins and minerals, and even getting a little exercise. I did not take some of those things as seriously when I was pregnant and while I was still healthy, as was my baby, I will certainly be more adamant about it next time.


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