Hailey’s Home Birth

Happy Friday! Enjoy this beautiful home birth story. If you would like to share your story here, please email me. midwife101blog@gmail.com


My Planned Home birth
It was late Saturday night July 17, 2011 I woke at around 11pm with intense cramping. I headed to the bathroom thinking maybe that was it. (Being 41 wks I headed there a lot) I was on my way back to bed when another one started. This wasn’t a maybe, it was a yes I am in labor! After weeks, yep weeks of prodromal labor this was it. I woke Allen and let him know it was time. He headed downstairs to get a few things together. The contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes and stopping me in my tracks. In between contractions I called my friend Robbi and the midwives and asked them to head over. I was officially putting my hypnobirthing into practice with every contraction. After 2 {painful} hospital births (that ended with epidural one of which only worked on half my body), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Robbi and my 2 midwives and 1 midwife apprentice arrived around 11:20am. I instinctual found my labor position over the back of couch and labored there while Allen and Robbi got the pool ready.
I was relaxing and letting my body do what it needed. It was probably around 1:30 that I was having a hard time standing during a contraction so I decided it was a good time to get in the pool. I was in transition at this point and getting in the water honestly felt like turning back the clock about 4 cm!  Really I know why they call it the aquadural. During this time the midwives were watching closely from the other room(I have a split level). It was 15-20 minutes later that my water broke. I let everyone know and wow did the contractions change. I was in my zone at that point making sure I was breathing and relaxing. It was only a few contractions later that the midwives came down the stairs to tell me that I was pushing. I wasn’t aware how close we were until the I experienced the ring of fire. It was only for a moment as the contractions started doubling up. My body was pushing and Parker was coming. He was born at 2:26 am 10.1 lbs and 21 1/4 in long.
We waited for the cord to stop pulsing before it was cut because of the many benefits. Parker nursed immediately and was weighed and measured right on our couch while we watched and they enjoyed some cuddle time too. We headed upstairs to our bed and settled in for a few days.
Ava was able to see her brother within 30 minutes of being born.
Home birth is not for everyone but for our family it was perfect. We did our research and the benefits outweighed the minimal risk for us. I wouldn’t give birth in a hospital again unless it was medically necessary. The experience of having the midwife watching and waiting with us was so much more relaxing than nurses and doctors coming in with a lot of beeps. I never could relax in the hospital and I think that led to a lot of the pain during contractions I felt there. I went into this natural birth knowing I could do it and didn’t have a choice if I wanted to stay home. Now a year later I look back and am overwhelmed at what our midwife allowed us to experience by coming into our home.

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