I know, this blog is seriously on the last of my “to-do” lists and I’m okay with that. Being nearly 8 months pregnant, going to school and working full time is so incredibly taxing. Seriously, who the hell let me do this?! Anyway, up until the last week or two, things had been going well. Now my Bio class is seriously kicking my butt, and so is the weight and growth of this baby. I am suffering from horrible pelvic pain. I’ve knocked a few things off my work schedule so I don’ have to be up and walking as much for as long. It’s only day two so no change yet. Sometimes I feel like just quitting this whole school thing and I know that is just silly. It’s like when you’re in transition (labor) and you start talking about how you can’t do it, give me drugs, yadayada. Yeah, that is how I am feeling right now. I just want this semester to be over. Now. Β But really, I have like, 7 weeks to go and I can get through that. It just might not be with As and I have to be okay with that. These are pre-rec classes for crying out loud! All that to say, I am seriously stressed out. I’m trying to relax which means that I’m slacking in my school and work efforts, but I do have to put me and my baby first. Such a hard thing to do! I am hoping that once this little arrives and we have a nice summer off that I will be ready to rock and roll again in the fall. In fact, I know I will be.

Have a fun, safe St. Patty’s Day Weekend!


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