Summer is here! I’m on a huge break from things like school and work because of the squishy little babe who is sleeping next to me as I type. I took a long break from the blog and I’m ready to be more active here. So hello to old and new followers!

My school schedule has shifted around come this fall. Due to personal and work-related reasons, I have to post-pone some classes, but thankfully I don’t have to take the semester off entirely. Being a full time working mama with an incredible husband and home to care for makes going to school really difficult. However, that won’t be stopping me! I am determined to keep going and I’m so thankful I have an awesome support system. Due to the timing and duration, I am able to obtain my CNA in about 8 weeks. I will also take another short-term class online called Customer Service in Health Care. This class will be really beneficial no matter what field of health care I end up in! I feel that I have already learned so much about ethics, empathy, and the business side of patient care that this will only enhance the skills I already have.

One of my favorite things to post is links to really awesome, interesting, educational, controversial, etc type articles, blogs and photos. So, here are some great links to check out!

  • Birth Stories: Michelle Garey Photography. She just posted some incredible c-section photographs. Truly beautiful!
  • Breastfeeding Laws. This site lists all the laws, state and federal for breastfeeding women, mostly in public and work places. Now that I do this on the reg, it’s nice to know the laws.
  • Still Birth Day. This is a very powerful, moving site. It’s not easy to read about little babes lost too soon, but the stories are inspiring and up-lifting. Those mamas who have experienced a loss are so incredibly strong.

One thought on “Summer

  1. i was a patient care technician before i got into nursing school and all throughout! i started on telemetry for a year, then landed on postpartum/newborn nursery! i stayed there all throughout nursing school and the experience helped me so much then – and now as i finish up midwifery school! good for you!

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