I am halfway done with my CNA certification! It’s really amazing how quickly this month has gone by and how fast a 4 hour lab goes. We are so busy in class learning all of our skills, making fools of ourselves, brushing each others’ teeth and learning how to clean bed pans. Not the greatest thing in the world, however SOMEONE has to do it and they are good skills to learn even though I will not be working in the geriatric field. I already spent 3 years working in a retirement home at a front desk. I love seniors (most, anyway) as I seem to really get a long well with them. I’m just not a fan of what growing older entails. There are other, more passionate people out there for those folks. 🙂

I’m not yet sure what next semester will look like, but I do know I will be taking a biology class and statistics. Two tough classes with a ton of material. I’m not really excited about either, but it does get me that much closer to nursing school.

Speaking of, the school I am attending just included a bachelor’s program in conjunction with the associates so I am SO glad they did that! Now I don’t have to worry about transferring and possibly moving my family just so I can attend nursing school. We’d cross that bridge if we needed to, but I just was not ready to think about it. Hopefully by the time I get there this time next year all the kinks in the program will be worked out and it will be a smooth ride. I’m really hoping that I can keep working in the hospital. Leaving and getting back in would be much harder than for me to just transfer departments.

All the birthy stuff here has grown to a slow lull and a lot of that has to do with my not actually being on the birthing center anymore. 😦 My position was moved, out of my control, and, well, I am not getting the same kind of experience I was before. Yesterday I saw a patient briefly who seemed to be having quite a long contraction. Her nurse was not in the room and she was really having a hard time. I just told her to breath and relax and then she complained of lower right side pain. I’m not sure what ended up happening with her. I know she did not deliver, but it got my wheels turning. Without even doing any online research I asked myself:

  • baby’s position?
  • gallbladder?
  • appendix?
  • kidneys?

Then I saw that she was moved and admitted. I would guess one of the above is what’s going on, though if baby’s positioning was that serious, I’d guess delivery would have already happened. I love that my brain already gets into clinical mode without a lick of experience. Just goes to show how into this I am! Call it nosy, but I really just want to be in the thick of it all right now. I want to know and absorb everything I can. So there was my little lesson for the day. If I head up there later, I will see if any of my guesses were correct.

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