I’m a CNA!!

Whelp, friends, I completed everything I needed to do to become a certified nurse aide! 30 hours of online work, 40 hours of classroom work and 24 hours of clinicals in a nursing home. On November 26th I will take the state exam and *hopefully* be certified in the state of Colorado as a CNA! It’s all very exciting. This is really the first step in my nursing career and wow…here we are! Small leap in the right direction.

The last 10 weeks were an absolute whirlwind. I felt like I was barely home. Mondays I had a 4 hour lab after working  hours and was away from my home and family for a grand total of 15 hours!! I was not only exhausted, but sad that I was barely seeing my babies. It was hard, but well worth it. They were able to have some valuable time with daddy while I worked hard to further my career. Family time, I know, will always be something I will sacrifice as I go through school and especially once I am a practicing midwife. By the time that happens, though, the kids will be older and in school. It won’t (shouldn’t) be as hard.

My weekend of clinicals was crazy. I cannot believe how hard CNAs work!! My hat is off to you. Rolling patients, lifting, changing, feeding, cleaning caths…wow. HARD HARD work. I am glad I have those skills now, but I am certainly not cut out for geriatric care.

So what now?! Well, I am still working at the hospital in patient admitting. I applied for a position with the women and family team as a CNA and I know everyone up there so I really hope that I get it! I have not seen a denial email yet so…no news is good news, right? If that doesn’t work out then I will just keep my eyes open for more opportunities. Since I’m already in the system I have a great advantage.


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