I got the Job!

That’s right, my friends, I was offered the patient care tech position I had applied for in October, interviewed for in December and was officially offered a week ago! I had to wait for the dust to settle before I felt comfortable announcing this exciting news. You know, how you wait to share new pregnancy news. Or not. Anyway.

I start on February 17th and I am so excited to join a team of such incredible women whom I already know most of! They were all rooting and praying for me. And now I’m on their team. So so happy. What will I be doing, exactly? Those details are still under wraps, as I honestly don’t know the specifics other than A LOT of work. As those of you know who are already nurses or CNAs, they are hard working assistants to the nurses. Ears, eyes and communication, yo. My time will be split between four floors: NICU, PEDS, Post-Partum and the Birthing Center. I am most excited to work in the NICU. I am most excited to wear scrubs and above all, I am most excited to FINALLY be working with mamas and babies (and kiddos!). EEEEKKK!!

I am honestly quite nervous with all that excitement as starting a totally new job is really kind of scary! I have a TON to learn and I’m very excited. So there you have it folks. I’m officially a health care provider!!



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