I’ll Always be a Student

Before I found my passion in birth and midwifery, I thought I would be a teacher and before that, I had no clue where I was going. I declared a major in business for good measure and after my 2nd year, realized I had a strong affinity towards English. I had a pretty ridiculous English professor who was disliked by a lot of students, but I loved him. I thought he made learning language arts fun and interesting. I read The Catcher in the Rye three times between the 3 classes I had with him and decided I’d best be an English teacher. I did well in his classes, and all other English classes I had. I transferred to a university, met my  husband in our senior seminar class, and graduated with my BA in English. I thought that putting off a year before teaching school would be a good idea. And then it was another year. And then I was pregnant! And here we are. Teaching English was never a passion. I just liked it and did well enough to convince myself I’d want to teach it. Not so. I birthed my first baby and just like that, a calling appeared.

Despite my wavering from becoming a teacher, I have also learned that I LOVE learning. I love school. I’ve always had to work hard at it, too. I was not the kind of student who gets straight As easily. I have to work my butt off sometimes, depending on the class, for a B! And yet, I still love it. I love that I am always challenging myself and furthering my knowledge of something I am so incredibly passionate about. It really is a great feeling.

That said, I recently found an incredible blog, Notes From A Student Midwife, and we could not be more alike. For the first two years after Logan’s birth, I denied this passion for midwifery. I didn’t let myself want it. I considered becoming a doula and childbirth educator and none of that felt right, nor was it conducive to our family.

Anyway, this lovely lady writes a great blog that I can identify with strongly. She’s just a little ways ahead of me in nursing school (I’ll be applying in the fall or next winter–I hope!) and this post is awesome. If you are applying for midwifery programs, here is a great list she breaks down on how to do it. I’m leaving it here for you, dear readers, and for myself so I may look back on it when that time comes. Happy Friday!

The Interview

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