After 5 or so weeks, I am finally off of orientation. The team is great. I love everyone I work with. I’m learning so much as a CNA. I feel so blessed that I am able to dive right into hospital care as a CNA and that I don’t have to go the long-term care route at all. So to those of you who did have to do that first, I’m sorry and thank you. It’s not my cup of tea at all and I’m glad there are nurses out there who do find geriatrics their thing. That’s why there are people like me, where my thing is placentas and babies. It all works out.

So what have I done in the last month? I started out orienting in pediatrics. That is a crazy mix of sick babies and kids, gyn post ops, suicidal ideation and ODs. There I learned how to stay on top of vitals for different post op sedations, how to remove a folly, do bladder scans, stock, and do whatever my dear nurse needs.

Next up was post partum. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, of course. I love when a mama comes over from having just birthed her babe and calls me to help her to the bathroom for the first time. The look of euphoria and delirium is just priceless and makes me relish in those first moments as a mama. I am so proud of be working right there with her as she learns some of those crazy ins and outs of taking care of your post partum body. I don’t, however, miss it myself. πŸ˜‰ There I learned how to remove buff caps, measure output, assess clots and bleeding, bathe babies, footprint babies, take vitals on mom, and stock. The nurses are just incredible.

Next was NICU. I’m going to be honest- I’m not a fan. I am a NICU mom. The NICU nurses are some of the most amazing nurses out there. I am so thankful we have such an advanced NICU that is well equipped and supported to manage just about any scenario and babies 28 weeks and up. BUT. You guys, this is hard. I went home the first day so emotionally and physically exhausted that I couldn’t even sleep or cry if I wanted to. My brain was fried. If we weren’t stocking, we were rushing around preparing for an admit. I learned that you don’t tough a baby without being delegated to and even then, you might be able to change a diaper or replace a paci. I rocked and cuddled 34 week babies who’s heads were smaller than the palm of my hand. Life is truly incredible that it can be sustained when so delicate. But it was so hard on me emotionally. My last day there we had a fetal demise. I actually saw this little baby, lifeless at nearly 24 weeks and it was the first time I’d ever witnessed that in person. I was running on fumes and the lack of food and emotions had me nearly passing out as my blood sugar dropped. It was rough. However, it is absolutly incredible what our team does for the family when this happens. I knew we had a system and that the baby was honored in a special way, but I had no idea until I saw all the steps that went into preparing photos, hand prints, foot moldings, clipping hair (if any), and scrap-booking everything. Since I work nights, I won’t be working in NICU very often, if ever. It was a good experience and I sorta know what to do if I’m ever to work in there.

Lastly was the birthing center. I made it into another birth in the OR. It was incredible. I’m a huge advocate for trying to birth that babe the way nature intended, but it’s pretty dang awesome that we have the tools and skills to help mom and baby out when the time is right. I love wearing hospital issued scrubs (no laundry for me!). I will also not be spending much time there either unless there ends up being a ton of sections in one night (unlikely).

So for the last month I have been working in the nursing world. I am excited and nervous as hell. I am more of a hands on learner so I love that everyone shows me how to do things. The first time I removed a buff cap my hands were shaking! But now I got it down.Β 

Have great weekend!


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