Yesterday, I headed into the testing center to take my very last Biology test. I have dreaded every test in this class and am beyond elated that it is now DONE!! I worked hard and for the first time since starting college again, I will not be getting an A in this class. Totally sucks. But I just have to accept it and move on. I know I will do SO much better in my next classes and that I’m in this and working towards nursing and midwifery for all the right reasons.

I was taking this basic biology class because it was required before taking A&P. I had actually already taken this class, nearly 10 years ago now, and because it was over 7 years old, I was told I had to take it again. I did well it in the first time. I won’t lie: I’m pissed I had to do it again and ended up with a worse grade this time. Sucks. AND what’s worse? The school declared this past April that the Bio class is no longer required to take A&P. I did relearn some decent material, but I am just unhappy that it turned out the way it did, all for nothing. They don’t even consider the GPA from this class when determining admittance to the nursing program. SEE?! Now you know why I’m miffed.

I am taking this summer off so I can just focus on working and family/home life. I have some mini-projects for the home that I am hoping to accomplish before school starts again. I am taking 2 online classes in the fall, including A&P. Online is my most favorite way to learn and an environment I truly thrive in.

What are your summer plans?




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