The Feels

Love this! I am such an emotional person and this is great advice for learning how to cope in my CNA position.

Notes From a Student Midwife

I recently received an email from a soon-to-be nursing student who expressed concern about the potential emotional response she might have in the clinical setting, based on her past family experience with illness. It was a great question, one that I’ve been mulling over during these past eight weeks of clinical time on both medical and surgical oncology floors. I thought I’d share my reply, as it ended up being a great opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned so far in my own journey as a nursing student.

* * *

I totally hear your concerns…I think the part of nursing that draws most of us in–the art of compassionate care, can also be the part that wears us down the most, especially if we don’t have good self-care practices in place. There’s definitely lots of literature in the nursing world about compassion fatigue, and I guarantee you’ll see…

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