on life (currently)

Again, I want to welcome all my new readers! I had no idea the impact my post on home birth would have and I am so grateful for all the positive feedback. Nearly 1000 views in one day! I broke a record you guys!! Thank you!!!! I am assuming that any negative thoughts are being kept to yourself–that’s fine. I respect that. If you know me personally, then you know the last thing I want is to hurt anyone. However, there is a place for this conversation and I encourage you to share your thoughts, no matter what they are. As I said, it’s a very touchy subject. So welcome. And thank you for being here!!

A few weeks ago I decided that this midwife-to-be needed to share more personal posts. This is one of them. An update on life.Β 

Last week I worked 3 nights in a row. Around 5am one morning, we had a very precipitous birth come in! Baby came as I pushed the delivery table into the room and mama was still on the bed she was brought up on from the ER. It was incredible! The adrenalin rush of everyone finding their place and job was amazing to watch. The midwife was actually there, which I feel is rare for a night time delivery which is so fast! Dad told me they thought baby would come in the car, but thankfully they made it in time.

I went home, slept and came back only to have ANOTHER precipitous birth! Mom was at 4cm complaining of pain and pressure. Then like that she was crowning! The other tech made the delivery table just in time for baby to come, delivered by an amazing nurse. He had a nuchal cord X1 and I have to be honest–I just learned what that meant! Nuchal cord means that it’s wrapped around the neck and X1=1 time. This made me recall a mama we had awhile back who had a non-reactive stress test. Baby heart tones were poor and she was nearly 41 weeks. She was taken to the OR and baby had the cord wrapped around SIX times!! YES…SIX!! Baby was fine. πŸ™‚

Anyway, after two precips in one day, I was ready to roll! I am on a birth high!! I am so happy to be in this profession and cannot wait to learn more. I was thinking to day that, after a month off, I am ready for school again! Hahaha…I am thankful for a summer off with my kids though, and once I start class in August I know I will be so busy I will be wishing we were back to the time off.

I’ve been marathon-watching Big Love. I love watching shows about weird and interesting lifestyles. I watched it way back when it was still on but missed several seasons so I started over. I love the family dynamics.

Evie is down to nursing one time a day. I am feeling so much peace about it! I did not think it would be this easy. I think the thought of weaning was more saddening than the actual act of doing it. It feels natural and I’m letting her be the guide. Tonight, she nursed once side but refused the other. And so it goes…


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