Just For Fun

currently on a thursday

I see most people are starting school this week and I cannot wait to get going again, BUT I have been SO insanely anxious for this semester to start and I really am not sure why it’s worse this time than any other semester. I am taking anatomy and physiology and cultural anthropology. Both these classes apply to my field and I think I am just so worried about not doing well in A&P. I honestly am terrified of failing, which is silly because I know I won’t! Anyway, I start the day after labor day. Both classes are online. I LOVE the online environment. It works with my home and work life perfectly.

How much did you love Clark’s birth story? Wasn’t it just beautiful?! Another birth story will be going up on Monday so check back for that.

After today, I have a four day weekend with my babies and I cannot wait! I’m hoping the weather is perfect and warm so we can hit the beach at the lake and maybe the splash pad down the street.

Have a beautiful day!


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