Making Home Birth Safer

I never sign these things. I am not one to get all up in arms about petitions and change and such–unless I feel strongly about it. And maybe there just hasn’t been a petition out there that has stirred me so much, until now. The Coalition for Safer Home Birth was started on to encourage our legislatures to recognize the safety standards that are lacking in home birth. The coalition does a wonderful job summarizing exactly where the issues in home birth safety rest which largely is in the hands of the home birth midwife who is lacking a certain level of education. I feel that it is best for me to leave you to read what the coalition has written as I could not have said it any better so I won’t even try.

And maybe, if you feel moved enough, if you want to see change, sign the petition.

Protect Mother’s and Babies: The Coalition for Safer Home Birth

4 thoughts on “Making Home Birth Safer

  1. “Certain level of education”…? There are CNMs working with CPMs in birthcenters throughout the nation as well as in other countries. Some countries use DEM’s only and have a lower maternal and infant mortality rate than the U.S. According to the World Health Organization the number of maternal hospital deaths is grossly misrepresented (the numbers have been fudged to suggest the death was not related to the pregnancy). There is a question now on whether hospitals are using too much technology such as 3D/4D ultrasound. Very touchy subject which I suggest seeing the fence from both sides without bias. Some states recognize that mothers are delivering at home, which is legal, but have made it illegal for DEM’s to assist.Something is wrong with this picture.

    1. With all do respect, I do see both sides. I work in a hospital but I also have connections in my community with many home birth midwives and doulas. I also see the successful transfers and how well the patient is received when such a thing happens. I see how well the midwife is treated when she makes that decision to transfer even when it’s disappoint for her and the patient. The level of education is absolutely critical. A pregnant woman is not a walking disease or illness. But understanding the whole body and what’s normal and what’s not is so important. I am not saying that a CPM is incapable of this, but in the home setting a CNM is ideal. You can respectfully disagree.

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