last week of patho

Hi friends. It’s been a busy 9 weeks and here I am, finishing up the last week of my patho class. I have everything done other than the final, which I am not totally ready for. Hopefully in a couple more days. I am hoping that I will start writing here more often. I want this space to hold the memories of this time while also being a form of guidance for others entering the same career path.

PathoΒ has been the hardest class I’ve taken since Biology 111. There is so much content to learn and the amount of time we are expected to learn it is outragous. Ten weeks is not long enough to cover 39 chapters and over 1000 pages. I’m keeping my book and making flash cards for all the ailments so I can learn more as I go.

Less than 2 months until nursing school begins! I am so excited–and also very nervous! Doing something new has always been a hard transition for me. BUT. I know this will be great. It will be hard but it will be great. The 24 months that follow will go so fast. I’ll be working as an L&D nurse before I know it. πŸ˜‰

Monday I start my very last pre-rec class: World Views. This is a university required course that is only 5 weeks long. I am so ready to finally be done with all these prep classes and dive into nursing! Thanks for following along…



One thought on “last week of patho

  1. Wow! Reading this makes me more excited for Nursing school. My goal is to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. I changed my major to avoid Math (silly of me, I know) so now I have to take four pre-req classes versus one if I didn’t change my major. I’m happy to hear both the horrors and joys of the journey because I am beginning the journey soon. I know you’re busy and swamped but I’d love to hear more of a “day in the life” so I’ll know what to expect. Sorry if it seems like pressure but I’m just so excited and curious. Good luck on your upcoming exams! Looking forward to more of your post! πŸ™‚

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