I am 30 days away from startin nursing school. For the past 3 months since I found out about my admission into the program, I have felt veryexcited, yet anxious because I wanted to know everything about the program but I had to wait until orientation. In the mean time, I praticed doing some dosing modules online. I have an amazing tutor for nursing school and she helped me grasp the concepts quickly. I was truly worried I would never figure it out! Math is not my strong suit.

On Friday, I woke up early, curled my hair, put some make up on, grabbed my water, snacks and welcomed the sunrise as I drove south down the freeway to the school I will call home for the next 24 months. I arrived 15 minutes early. I do hope that this is something I can accomplish every time I go down, as tardiness is one of my biggst pet peeves. Others had already arrived and once we were ushered through the line I received my folder for the day, took my student photo for my badge, and munched on a bagel.

The entire day was wonderful. I could feel a lot of anticipation and stress flow away as I had questions answered and chatted with new friends. My excitement for this program has only grown. We learned about some rules and regs, how clinical placements take place, how to build relationships with the faculty and other students, and how to survive the next two years without failing out or losing our minds. I admit, I have been pretty nervous about doing well but I KNOW that I have what it takes to get through it. One day at a time. Plus, my husband has been an amazing rock. He knows that things will change and that sacrifices will be made. I could not do any of this without his love and support, or that of other friends and family.

My dreams of becoming a nurse midwife become more real every day. Every class, every credit, every cinical will bring me closer to that dream. Thanks for being her with me.



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