one month done!

Nursing school has kicked off to a wild, intense, fun start! I really cannot believe it has already been a month. We have had this past week off which has been much needed and frightening…I have realized that a week off is not a week off of school–ever. I need to ensure that while I have some nice time off from going to class two days a week, that I need to ensure that I am doing SOMETHING everyday. And, dare I say, I miss class. I’m sure this feeling may not last and it may change over the next 23 months, but for now, I still love it despite how hard it is.

A few things I have already learned since nursing school started:

  • Make time for studying, even if for an hour, every day.
  • Write power point notes out (this is for all you tactile/visual learners)
  • Connect with 2-4 people in class–they will become lifelong friends (I can already feel this happening!)
  • Take a break at least every hour on long study days.
  • Practice lab sims and procedures on your spouse, mom, boyfriend–whoever will let you do a head to toe on them, over and over again.
  • Kids are a lot easier to listen to than adults (great lung and heart sounds!)
  • Sim mannequins are as ridiculous as they sound-lots of pretending and acting involved so just let that nervous performance energy go.

The biggest challenge for me so far has been figuring out the best way to study for me. This is not like any other schooling and education I’ve had before and the study techniques I used in previous classes are not enough for what I’m doing now for nursing school.

The best thing so far is the relationships I’ve already made with a few amazing ladies in class. We are all different ages in different stages of life and we have two huge things in common: we love God and we are passionate about nursing. These two factors alone, I know, will help get me through this rigorous program.

I’m doing my best to update often but once a month may be all I can manage between classes, work, and family.


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