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Advice for New Nursing Students


Before I started nursing school, I asked other nurses and nursing students all the time about what I needed the most to succeed. Truth is, you don’t need much because it will knock you off your ass no matter how good the shoes and stethoscope. But in all seriousness, I really wanted to know how to be prepared. Now that I am 5 weeks away from graduating, I have made a list of the things I have used and needed the most throughout school. Some of those things are not actually “things”, like the love and support of my family. Also, sleep! If you have had a child and they didn’t sleep through the night for 1-2 years, you will survive nursing school just fine. πŸ˜‰

Below is a little list of things I founds the most useful. These may or may not work for another person. The first, most important thing I had to figure out was my learning style. In our Health Assessment class way back almost 2 years ago, we talked about learning styles and I honestly thought I knew what mine was but I was wrong. I am a visual learner. I thought I was more hands on, but when you’re studying material and not skills, there is not a ton of hands on, other than note-taking. AND note-taking IS a visual learning tool, which is why I list pens and colors. I know other students who did not need tons of colors. Black, red and blue worked just fine for them. But mine were RAINBOWS of colors!

Any other suggestions? Please add to the comments below! And yes, I really am only 5 weeks away from graduating!! πŸ™‚

  • Shoes – Depends on your feet. Mine are fairly flat and I like Sketchers and Alegria–great arch support
  • Nursing bag/Totes/Backpacks – Honestly, I found a great bag at walmart, not even sure of the brand, and it has held up great. I use tote bags for clinical from Old Navy.
  • Binders/Planners: 1″ binders for each class with 4-5 dividers each. I found a couple apps on my phone for the planner part to keep all my assignments straight. Also set reminders in my phone and in the calendar. I cannot survive without my reminders!!
  • Pens/pencils: Tones of colors! I have to write my notes with multiple colors. Whatever brand, colors, and shape work for you. I found mine at Barns N Noble. Something like 35 colors…I love them.
  • Apps
    • 1) iStudiez Pro, but I use the free version and get everything I need from it
    • 2) NCLEX RN Mastery App: worth the $30-40 for the full version!!
    • 3) Blackboard app (if your school uses it)
    • 4) CDC app
    • 5) Spotify premium for best driving and studying music!
  • Study Guides/Cheat sheets/Videos – youtube has great resources of videos for explanations on certain topics, Saunders study guide
  • Stethoscopes – Littmann

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