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That’s a Wrap!

Tomorrow morning, I drive to school for the last time. I’ll take an NCLEX predictor exam and be on my merry way. Really, that’s it! I have completed a month long capstone/practicum, turned in all the necessary clinical documents, attended a 2 day NCLEX review and that’s it! I really can’t believe it. This is one of those feelings that words simply cannot express. I’ve spent over 5 years in school to get to this day: the LAST day of nursing school. I am pinned and graduate next weekend. A few weeks later, I’ll take my boards (NCLEX) and officially be an RN, BSN! WHAT?! So wild…I am still in recovery/survival mode and may be for a couple more weeks as the realization that I have completed nursing school settles in and I get some rest. Working nights for clinical has been so insanely hard on me. This deserves an entire post itself. I honestly do not know how people work nights for years. Anyway, just a short update and more to come soon!



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