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Today, amid all the tragedy from the weekend, has been the best day I’ve ever had at work. I mama came in and delivered so quickly I hard the entire thing! I was in the room and heard that baby take her first breath of life and declare her presence. It was amazing. I cannot wait to be right there with mama catching her baby. Ahh

Since many of my readers stumble upon my blog because of the experience I’ve had with Brio Birth, I thought it would be worth mentioning a quick update. I got my refund. It took almost a year, but I got it and I am done with them. I hope that anyone who happens upon this blog who is interested in becoming a childbirth educator does so through a different, more professional avenue. That’s all.

And I got the an iPad! So now I need all you lovelies out there to tell me what your favorite, must have apps are, especially those for school and writing. Like, for example, should I get Pages or a different writing app for writing term papers and such?? Important stuff I tell ya. Thanks.

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  • I’ve noticed many of you lurkers out there are searching for info regarding Brio Birth. First of all, welcome! Secondly, this blog is NOT about Brio. I will no longer be posting about it or the experiences I’ve gone through. If you have not read my previous posts, you can do so HERE and HERE. If you read the first link, you have to read the 2nd as they are two polar opposite posts. Okay, no more Brio talk.
  • I would still really like to post birth stories, though there seems to be little interest in that. If not birth stories, what else would you like to read more of here?? Please leave me a comment. 🙂
  • As you can see, I have given the blog a little face-lift. I love changing things up and now that I will be starting school in the fall, I wanted to have a more noticable side bar with the curriculum I will be following. The classes listed for now are in the order I believe I will be taking them in. They are all pre-recs for nursing school and thanks to the two other degrees and five years I’ve already spent in college, it isn’t much. HOWEVER, I really need to up my GPA so the 5-6 classes prior to applying will help me do that.
  • Work has been slooooooow lately. I don’t have any fun stories or learning experiences to share, but tomorrow is Friday and for some reason that is the day most of our unusual patients come through.
  • I’m reading two books right now, The Birth Partner’s Handbook by Carl Jones and Giving Birth by Catherine Taylor. Reviews will be up as soon as I am finished. BTW, if you are an aspiring midwife or doula, I highly recommend going to your local book store and checking out the used section. I have found several of the books on my reading list for cheap and its a great way to grow my library.

Update on Brio Birth

As many of you know, I posted several months ago about becoming a childbirth educator through Brio Birth, a company which I thought I’d love joining. I had been scouring the website for months, waiting for a date in Denver to arrive for a workshop.

In July, before a Denver date appeared, I made the leap and put a $600 deposit down. A deal had been posted and my eager, yet naive, eyes (or heart), could not let that one slip through the cracks. For nearly two years now, all I’ve wanted to do was somehow work my way into the child-birthing community, one which I was certain was exactly where I belonged. Never before has my heart been so happy and passionate about one thing. I was elated to find a deal with Brio Birth and continued to wait for that special date.

A month later the date was posted for November. I jumped for joy! Finally, my dreams were slowly coming true. I had just started this blog and realized my even bigger dream of becoming a midwife. All along, I’ve believed in the more experience and education, the better. I want to get my hands wet where ever I’m able be it as a childbirth educator, doula, nurse and midwife. I wrote THIS post and quickly received many emails and comments warning me of Brio Birth. My heart sank. Where were all these warnings in my searches for the last 8 months?? Why NOW, after I’d already made my deposit, was I just finding all this out?!

I felt cheated. Embarrassed. Betrayed. After 8 months of regular correspondence with Naomi, the owner/creator, I never would have guessed what had been going on and now, what has become a part of our family. Thankfully, this has not stopped me from pursuing my dreams. It has only helped me become more aware about business and people and doing even more research before I invest in it.

As of today, after I requested a refund in September, I have yet to see that $600 and at this point, I don’t think I will. There are rumors swirling around that they may declare bankruptcy and such and honestly, I don’t care. If that happens then I will most definitely not be seeing that money again. The timing was terrible. Only a few weeks prior to my request one of our dogs had a terrible accident and before I learned about the issues with Brio Birth we had been talking about me not going through with the workshop and requesting a refund anyway. It was heartbreaking, all at once, to learn that financially it was not going to work out and dealing with a tragedy.

So the lesson learned is to fully educate yourself BEFORE you invest in anything, especially if it’s a newer, less-known business (or whatever it is). Regardless, I WILL become a childbirth educator, most likely through Bradley Method (which I KNOW is legit) in September and start a few pre-rec classes in the fall for nursing.

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Hi friends! Welcome! Seems I have a few new readers which just makes me so happy! I’m sorry I’ve been lacking in posts lately. Not much is going on other then reading my little heart out about breastfeeding. I checked out three books with the sole intention of skimming over all three briefly and then settling on one to finish reading to fulfill a requirement for the reading materials through CAPPA. I’m getting so excited!! Only a few more months before the workshop.

I’m trying to find a mentor in my area whom I can learn even more from and hopefully observe a few births with. I have 100% confidence in my becoming a doula, but seeing someone else perform is the best way for me to learn. Adapting my own methods and such will come with time.

A review on The Womenly Art of Breastfeeding will be up soon. I never read a book about breastfeeding when I was nursing Logan and I wish I had! I might have been able to overcome the challenges we had. Also, this is by the La Leche League which is VERY anti-formula feeding. Much like watching The Business of Being Born, the reader needs to take it with a grain of salt. There is a ton of excellent info, but the views are skewed. So many mamas TRY to breastfeed, or there’s a physical reason why baby can’t nurse, and so on, which is not covered very well. Overall, it was a good read.

I have some updates on Brio Birth, but will save that for another day. Have a great week!


Stand Still

Not much is going on right now. Thanks to some awesome readers (you know who you are), among other reasons, I will not be going through with Brio. I’m waiting on my refund. I’m super sad and disappointed. All I will say for now is that it’s just not the right timing.

For now I continue to read just about anything I can get my hands on that has to do with childbirth, pregnancy, and women’s health. If anything really juicy pops up you know I’ll share it with you. 🙂

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FINALLY! Brio Birth, Here I come!

Wayyyyyy back in December I felt the very first urge to really get by behind in gear to become a childbirth instructor. I emailed my Bradley teacher and she suggested this new and coming-of-age form of childbirth classes called Brio Birth. She was very proud of be a Bradley instructor but as far as I could see, not one workshop was coming to the Denver area any time soon AND if there was something even more modern than Bradley, bring it on! When I say modern, I mean a few things. Not modern in the way of technology or interventions, but modern in the ways of teaching childbirth to all the young, soon-to-be parents who don’t want to have their baby in a barn, but might in their home, if that makes ay sense.

Anyway, I quickly started reading about Brio and came into contact with the Denver regional director. For weeks we emailed back and forth over when and where a Denver workshop for NEW educators might be. There were workshops for continuing ed teachers, but nothing for a newb like me. I waited. And waited and waited….nothing for months. My contact person was also so sweet and encouraging and I thought for sure she’d think I’d given up. Hardly. My passion to become an instructor and eventually a midwife has only grown stronger with each passing month. Workshop or not, I continued to read the suggested reading materials, many of which can be found on the tab above.

After April came and went, the month in which we were all hoping for date to be set and nearly 5 months after my initial interest in Brio began I stopped checking the site so often. I stopped emailing every other day and gave it up to God. I was sad, but hopeful that regardless, a date would be set.

Come the middle of July, B and I are driving home from a super fun wedding and I am messing around on my phone. It dawned on me that I had not checked the Brio site in some time. NEW EVERYTHING! I was shocked…I spent the next half hour navigating the new areas and info on my Droid and exclaiming to B (and keeping Logan fully awake past his bed time) about all the new info. We had until July 16th to reserve our spot at for a special SUPER discounted price, still without a Denver date added, or it doubled after August 1st. I could not risk it. B knew this was what my heart was aching to do so we took a leap of faith and drained our only credit card on the deposit. Yes, folks, this just DAYS after a huge move, one in which a credit card would have been very useful at times. Then, we waited some more. Over a month goes by as I am checking the site at least once a week to see if there have been any Denver dates added.

Last Friday while I was finishing a few things up at work I realized it had been over a week since I’d last checked, clicked on the link to dates fully expecting to see the same damn dates listed as before, none of which included Denver, and go one with it. But no….there was. The Denver workshop 3 day in person training right before my very eyes!! I was jumping out of my seat! Without a second thought I instantly requested those days off at work, knowing that our schedule gets made and set very far in advance and today those days were approved!

Come November I will officially become a Brio Childbirth Educator!!