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It’s been awhile! You’d think that it being summertime and all that I’d have more time to write that but that is not the case. I have transferred schools from a community college to a Christian University for nursing school. I have been taking their require prerec classes this summer online. I must say I LOVE when my classes are only 5 weeks long! It goes by so fast! I am also really happy with the transfer so far. In August I will begin Human Genetics and that should be fun.

In other news, my mom is totally done with cancer treatment! She finished her 6 weeks of radiation in mid July. Overall, she’s doing pretty well. She does still get tired easily but has a great attitude all the time. She’s my hero!

The kids have been super busy this summer with making friends with all the neighbor kids, playing in the pool, and generally having fun. We have been going to the rec center as they have a nice indoor pool. I’ve been trying to work out more.

We got back a week ago from an amazing trip to the mountains. It was so beautiful and a much need break from work and school life.

Below are some links I’d like to share that I’ve read over the summer. Enjoy!

Fukuoka Birth Center– super interesting read that a commenter shared about how different birthing practices are in comparison with America.

Colorado’s Push Against Teenage Pregnancies is a Startling Success– Awesome article and as a Coloradoan, I’m proud of our state for taking this on.

Calm and Beautiful Pictures of a Home Birthbeautiful photos! And holy cow that cord is thick!

That’s all for now! Have a great week.


Check these out!


I have seen some great articles, videos, and randomness around the internet lately. Here are some of my faves. Have a great Monday!

Dear Mom who has decided to give birth at home– The writer talks to you like you’re best friends hanging out at a coffee show and she is genuinely curious and concerned about why you’d chose to have a home birth. Great questions. The comments has an interesting discussion going on too. And it’s quite snarky, just warning ya.

A Love Story 8 Years in the Making– I am a HUGE fan of Casey Neistat. He is an incredible videographer and this video just brings happy tears to my eyes!

10 Reasons I’d Never Ever Have a Home Birth– I’m sharing this more for all the statistical links within the post than anything else. If you’re considering home birth, this article has great info.

9 Ways Childbirth Looks Different Around the World-Super cool article about different traditions and practices around the world! I have taken care of women who have some of these cultural practices and it’s incredible to learn and witness something different.

That’s all for now! Please feel free to share other articles and links you think I’d like to see. Also, MORE birth stories please! 🙂

3 Links

Here is a list of links to some great articles around the web right now. If you want something featured, leave a comment! Thanks.

10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing:  This is a fantastic article. Makes you seriously think about what “proof”, “theory”, “natural” and “organic” actually mean.

The fact that science never really proves anything, but simply creates more and more reliable and comprehensive theories of the world that nevertheless are always subject to update and improvement, is one of the key aspects of why science is so successful.

Dear Pink: Thank You for Breaking the Breastfeeding Mom Mold: I love this quippy little article about how badass Pink is when it comes to breastfeeding. America needs to take a massive chill pill and realize that boobs are for breastfeeding, not sexual satisfaction.

A Woman’s Body is Made for Childbirth: Interesting opinion piece on “natural” childbirth, meaning vaginal and without medication. I have a post coming up soon on what “natural” actually means and how it’s getting lost on all the NCBers.

Have a great day!


Summer is here! I’m on a huge break from things like school and work because of the squishy little babe who is sleeping next to me as I type. I took a long break from the blog and I’m ready to be more active here. So hello to old and new followers!

My school schedule has shifted around come this fall. Due to personal and work-related reasons, I have to post-pone some classes, but thankfully I don’t have to take the semester off entirely. Being a full time working mama with an incredible husband and home to care for makes going to school really difficult. However, that won’t be stopping me! I am determined to keep going and I’m so thankful I have an awesome support system. Due to the timing and duration, I am able to obtain my CNA in about 8 weeks. I will also take another short-term class online called Customer Service in Health Care. This class will be really beneficial no matter what field of health care I end up in! I feel that I have already learned so much about ethics, empathy, and the business side of patient care that this will only enhance the skills I already have.

One of my favorite things to post is links to really awesome, interesting, educational, controversial, etc type articles, blogs and photos. So, here are some great links to check out!

  • Birth Stories: Michelle Garey Photography. She just posted some incredible c-section photographs. Truly beautiful!
  • Breastfeeding Laws. This site lists all the laws, state and federal for breastfeeding women, mostly in public and work places. Now that I do this on the reg, it’s nice to know the laws.
  • Still Birth Day. This is a very powerful, moving site. It’s not easy to read about little babes lost too soon, but the stories are inspiring and up-lifting. Those mamas who have experienced a loss are so incredibly strong.


Well, seems that pregnancy plus the rest of life (work, kid, husband, home, school) makes writing really awesome posts hard to do. So bare with me the next few months. I will post as often as I am able.

Today, I start a new semester! I will keep the progress logged here and might even seek some advice. This will be a lot harder. I am taking 3 online classes, all of which last the entire semester and are a lot more involved than the 3 online classes I took last semester. I am not letting this get me overwhelmed, though. I will continue to do what I can to make it all work. When I tell people that I am working full time and taking 11 credits in college, all while pregnant and with a family, most look at me like I’m a little crazy. But, I think you NEED a little crazy to get it done sometimes.

Until next time, here are some links to some interesting things I have come across recently: