The last several months have been so busy I haven’t even thought about posting a blog. This will be a short one and I hope to write more later. For now, school has been going well. I am just about to finish Stats with an A (assuming I do well on the written final). I am right in the middle of Genetics and that has been going well too, however, it is a lot harder content wise than I was expecting. That class will go all the way through the Christmas break and I will then take Patho, Informatics, and World Views–then ALL my prerecs are done!

In October I had my interview with the school of nursing and that was also great. I loved meeting two wonderful women who help run the program. One even said she could see how passionate I am about this. I will hopefully hear for sure about my official admittance into the program by Christmas–fingers crossed! However, it may be as late as the middle of January, which is fine. I actually feel really great about everything, no matter what happens. I have done my best, and continue to do my best throughout the last 3 years of getting to this moment. As soon as I hear, I will update.

Thanksgiving was great. I had a lot of fun with my family. I cannot even express how grateful I am for the love we have and the people I get to share this life with. My husband is my #1 supporter, along with many others, but he gets to endure all the ups and downs of this process with me, on top of other normal life adventures, and I could not do any of this without him.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.



the next few weeks

It’s September! And guess what? I am NOT crazy about fall. Not yet, anyway. I love the weather and fallish things that happen this time of year, but I am not ready for it. I LOVE summertime. I love the heat and the shorts and the flip flops. I love seeing my kids run through the sprinkler in the front yard and ride their bikes around the circle. I love sitting on the back patio with a beer at 9 pm while the temp is still 80*. And since it’s still over 90* here, I am not at all ready for wintertime. I am also not a huge fan of pumpkin spiced things. I like it, for a moment, but I don’t obsess over it like a lot of people seem to do. I think other hesitations in welcoming fall comes with the fact that I am {thisclose} to applying for nursing school. It is finally here and I’m kinda freaking out! I’m excited and nervous. I’ve been working towards this goal for a little over 3 years now and it’s finally happening! I have become quite comfortable taking my prerec classes online and managing my school life from a distance, but come April, I will be in class at least once a week applying my skills and becoming a nurse. WHAT?! There is also a tiny part of me that wonders, “WHAT IF I don’t get in?” For most reading this, I’m sure you’re shaking your head at me. I am a great student. I have worked really hard so I know that the chances of me not getting accepted in the program are very small compared to those in which I would get in. But it’s a hard, uneasy, exciting balance.

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking the TEAs test, a standardized entrance exam, attending a pre-BSN meeting, and starting my Statistics class. September, I’m sure, will fly by so I am willing to welcome fall once the temps have cooled down and these three school items are checked off my list.

half way

The semester is already almost half way over! And I just started a new class on Monday. It’s an accelerated Microbiology class that is 100% online. My A&P class is also totally online. I love doing my classes this way, though it makes for a very busy schedule as I have to lay everything out so that I can complete assignments and exams on time. Both classes are covering the same thing right now so studying is actually easier and more effective because I am learning it twice in two different formats. After these classes end in December, I will be applying for nursing school! Truly cannot believe this day is nearing. Wow!

In other news, work is going great. I feel like almost every day I can learn something new. I experienced my first postpartum hemorrhage about a month ago. As far as PPH goes, it was a rather atypical situation and I’m glad I was able to experience one that would not normally present the way that it did. The amazing part was that, though it was scary, I did everything I was supposed to. I work with such a great team of nurses that we all flowed together to get control of the situation and treat the patient. It was amazing to watch and experience. The adrenaline rush was overwhelming. And the best part? It didn’t scare me away from this profession! In fact, it only made me want it more. I bonded with my patient as we helped her out of a scary situation and it only made me want midwifery even more.

Have a great weekend! I am still taking submissions for birth stories. None on the board right now so send them along!


Two Classes Down

This weekend I finished two of my four classes I am taking this semester. Medical terminology went so well. I had initially thought it would be difficult but it was rather easy. I am certain that must be because I already work in the medical field and recognize many terms and I have a degree in English so roots, suffixes and prefixes were not difficult to learn. The most difficult section was on the urinary system. This was the only section I got a B on a quiz so I am very happy and proud to say I got an A in the course!

Pregnancy nutrition was also great. I loved reading the material, though it was more difficult that I had first anticipated. I struggled in a few areas and while grades are not official yet, I’m pretty sure I have a B. YAY! Even though this course is separate, I start Infant Nutrition today with the same book and professor. Five more weeks and then I will only have one class for the last half of the semester. I cannot believe how quickly the last 5 weeks went!

I will be posting a few discussions from pregnancy nutrition over the next few days. It is SO important that if you are planning on becoming pregnant or are already expecting that you ensure that you are getting enough calories, taking the right vitamins and minerals, and even getting a little exercise. I did not take some of those things as seriously when I was pregnant and while I was still healthy, as was my baby, I will certainly be more adamant about it next time.

5 more weeks

Hello everyone!

The countdown is on! Only 5 more weeks until I officially start my pre-recs for nursing school! I’m getting really excited and a little nervous. I’ve never been to school as a wife and mom so balancing those things all while working full-time is going to be quite the challenge.

I’ve been trying to remember all the things one needs for school and I’m failing! I don’t want to purchase anything I won’t need or use. I will be getting an iPad. I’m pretty excited to use such an awesome piece of technology for my education.

If any of you are student nurses and/or midwives could you share what your best and most helpful school tools and supplies are? I’m rusty on my study skills and habits but I’m hoping that my age and drive for this career make me an awesome student. I’ve always struggled to get the A, but I know this time will be different. So much of this is what I want to do and learn about, whereas before I was so unsure about becoming a teacher that the material was not as desireable. Does that make sense? Now I have a passion so strong for something that nothing will stand in my way to get the A. Haha!

Thank you all for reading and following along! Welcome to my new readers!

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Happy Monday!


  • I’ve noticed many of you lurkers out there are searching for info regarding Brio Birth. First of all, welcome! Secondly, this blog is NOT about Brio. I will no longer be posting about it or the experiences I’ve gone through. If you have not read my previous posts, you can do so HERE and HERE. If you read the first link, you have to read the 2nd as they are two polar opposite posts. Okay, no more Brio talk.
  • I would still really like to post birth stories, though there seems to be little interest in that. If not birth stories, what else would you like to read more of here?? Please leave me a comment. 🙂
  • As you can see, I have given the blog a little face-lift. I love changing things up and now that I will be starting school in the fall, I wanted to have a more noticable side bar with the curriculum I will be following. The classes listed for now are in the order I believe I will be taking them in. They are all pre-recs for nursing school and thanks to the two other degrees and five years I’ve already spent in college, it isn’t much. HOWEVER, I really need to up my GPA so the 5-6 classes prior to applying will help me do that.
  • Work has been slooooooow lately. I don’t have any fun stories or learning experiences to share, but tomorrow is Friday and for some reason that is the day most of our unusual patients come through.
  • I’m reading two books right now, The Birth Partner’s Handbook by Carl Jones and Giving Birth by Catherine Taylor. Reviews will be up as soon as I am finished. BTW, if you are an aspiring midwife or doula, I highly recommend going to your local book store and checking out the used section. I have found several of the books on my reading list for cheap and its a great way to grow my library.