nursing school

Notes and sharpies

I have finally, after years, figured out how to study in a way that works for me. All I need is blank paper and lots of different colored sharpies. I use these to alternate the words and notes on a page so everything stands out separately. I figured this out when I realized that I am truly a visual learner. 

nursing school

First semester: Done!

This summer has flown by. I have been buried in notes, power points, and care plans galore and I could not be happier! I have never worked so hard academically before in my life. It’s been a true test of my passion and drive in nursing. Here is a quick summary of the past 3 months, my first semester in nursing school!

  • Health assessment started in May and ended in June. 
  • Comps for health assessment included a complete head to toe assessment.
  • My lab partner and I nailed the comps and celebrated with breakfast and beer-duh.
  • We started transforming care in mid May and this included learning about management, leadership and nursing theories while applying a biblical view to the career of nursing. It was not my fave but I bonded with several classmates and learned about spiritual boundaries.
  • End of June I started foundations in nursing which I was super stoked for! The first 2 weeks covered CNA skills but ended up being an nice reminder on some skills that I rarely practice.
  • After a few weeks, we started to cover more important nursing topics like the nursing process, fluids and electrolytes, oxygenation, pain management, and more. 
  • The last 4 weeks of this class were so intense. I felt the physiological demands of the class on my body as I studied harder than I ever have before. The anxiety and stress levels were through the roof. My efforts paid off, though. I aced the hardest exam of the program thus far.
  • By the end of the class, I was experiencing adrenal fatigue. I could not physically stay awake or think straight. I suddenly started to second guess practice questions. I consoled in my tutor and she gently told me to stop studying and take care of myself. I did just that. 
  • I passed my lab comps this past Friday. The stress and anxiety leading up to this major milestone in the class was worth every effort. Passing was hard And I came out sweating bullets! 

So the semester ended on Friday! I did it! But on Sunday early morning, mysterious pain set into my upper abdominal area. I thought it out for a day and went to the ER today. Turns out I most likely have an ulcer caused by all the stress! 😩

I’m home resting now. Hoping this second semester isn’t so hard on my body.