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Here is a list of links to some great articles around the web right now. If you want something featured, leave a comment! Thanks.

10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing:Β Β This is a fantastic article. Makes you seriously think about what “proof”, “theory”, “natural” and “organic” actually mean.

The fact that science never really proves anything, but simply creates more and more reliable and comprehensive theories of the world that nevertheless are always subject to update and improvement, is one of the key aspects of why science is so successful.

Dear Pink: Thank You for Breaking the Breastfeeding Mom Mold: I love this quippy little article about how badass Pink is when it comes to breastfeeding. America needs to take a massive chill pill and realize that boobs are for breastfeeding, not sexual satisfaction.

A Woman’s Body is Made for Childbirth: Interesting opinion piece on “natural” childbirth, meaning vaginal and without medication. I have a post coming up soon on what “natural” actually means and how it’s getting lost on all the NCBers.

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