last week of patho

Hi friends. It’s been a busy 9 weeks and here I am, finishing up the last week of my patho class. I have everything done other than the final, which I am not totally ready for. Hopefully in a couple more days. I am hoping that I will start writing here more often. I want this space to hold the memories of this time while also being a form of guidance for others entering the same career path.

Patho has been the hardest class I’ve taken since Biology 111. There is so much content to learn and the amount of time we are expected to learn it is outragous. Ten weeks is not long enough to cover 39 chapters and over 1000 pages. I’m keeping my book and making flash cards for all the ailments so I can learn more as I go.

Less than 2 months until nursing school begins! I am so excited–and also very nervous! Doing something new has always been a hard transition for me. BUT. I know this will be great. It will be hard but it will be great. The 24 months that follow will go so fast. I’ll be working as an L&D nurse before I know it. 😉

Monday I start my very last pre-rec class: World Views. This is a university required course that is only 5 weeks long. I am so ready to finally be done with all these prep classes and dive into nursing! Thanks for following along…




The last several months have been so busy I haven’t even thought about posting a blog. This will be a short one and I hope to write more later. For now, school has been going well. I am just about to finish Stats with an A (assuming I do well on the written final). I am right in the middle of Genetics and that has been going well too, however, it is a lot harder content wise than I was expecting. That class will go all the way through the Christmas break and I will then take Patho, Informatics, and World Views–then ALL my prerecs are done!

In October I had my interview with the school of nursing and that was also great. I loved meeting two wonderful women who help run the program. One even said she could see how passionate I am about this. I will hopefully hear for sure about my official admittance into the program by Christmas–fingers crossed! However, it may be as late as the middle of January, which is fine. I actually feel really great about everything, no matter what happens. I have done my best, and continue to do my best throughout the last 3 years of getting to this moment. As soon as I hear, I will update.

Thanksgiving was great. I had a lot of fun with my family. I cannot even express how grateful I am for the love we have and the people I get to share this life with. My husband is my #1 supporter, along with many others, but he gets to endure all the ups and downs of this process with me, on top of other normal life adventures, and I could not do any of this without him.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.


prerecs are done!

Last week I received my final grades for Microbiology and A&P part 1…A in Micro and B in A&P!! Considering that the last half of the semester was quite hellish in my personal life, I am very happy. I am so grateful for online schooling! I could not have done any of this without the option. I was very nervous at first to attempt not one but two labs online again, considering that my first attempt didn’t work out well. This semester was actually great. I enjoyed both classes. I felt like it was the first time in all my prerec classes that I was able to apply what I was learning to real life. Next semester I will take A&P part 2 and Human Sexuality, both online again. I am grateful for a break right now. I am going to be studying for the HESI placement test during this break but I’m not hitting it too hard, not yet anyway. My brain feel so fried both from school and emotionally.

Last week, my childhood best friend passed away. It was so unexpected and tragic. My heart cannot take anymore loss or bad news. I work Christmas Day so we are celebrating on Christmas Eve, a day which I am really looking forward to celebrating with family…

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m hoping to post a “year in review” soon.


I know, this blog is seriously on the last of my “to-do” lists and I’m okay with that. Being nearly 8 months pregnant, going to school and working full time is so incredibly taxing. Seriously, who the hell let me do this?! Anyway, up until the last week or two, things had been going well. Now my Bio class is seriously kicking my butt, and so is the weight and growth of this baby. I am suffering from horrible pelvic pain. I’ve knocked a few things off my work schedule so I don’ have to be up and walking as much for as long. It’s only day two so no change yet. Sometimes I feel like just quitting this whole school thing and I know that is just silly. It’s like when you’re in transition (labor) and you start talking about how you can’t do it, give me drugs, yadayada. Yeah, that is how I am feeling right now. I just want this semester to be over. Now.  But really, I have like, 7 weeks to go and I can get through that. It just might not be with As and I have to be okay with that. These are pre-rec classes for crying out loud! All that to say, I am seriously stressed out. I’m trying to relax which means that I’m slacking in my school and work efforts, but I do have to put me and my baby first. Such a hard thing to do! I am hoping that once this little arrives and we have a nice summer off that I will be ready to rock and roll again in the fall. In fact, I know I will be.

Have a fun, safe St. Patty’s Day Weekend!

Two weeks down

This is what being a full time working and part time schooling mama and wife looks like: not much blogging. Surprisingly, I have only felt the urge a few times and that is largely due to how exhausted I am by the time I finish working, studying, taking quizes, and showering before I have to go to bed. The house is a royal mess. I told B that I cannot be left to do everything, not that I was, but that he has to help me out more, especially with the things he hates doing (laundry). He is an incredible husband and has been so encouraging and supportive with me going back to school. So here’s the break down:

Medical terminology: I assumed that it would be hard. Lucky for me, mostly because I work in a hospital and I have a background in English, the class has been great and I’ve got a perfect grade so far. The reading is not too heavy and the terms are mostly familiar.

Pregnancy nutrition: A class I assumed would be easy is SO NOT. No joke. I took the first quiz last week and bombed it. I kicked myself over and over for not reading enough and then found out the entire class averaged a 61% and I didn’t feel as bad. I took the second quiz last night and did much better.

Human growth and development: I love this in person class. The professor is awesome. She is easy to relate to and for some reason, I have more to say now than I ever did back in my younger college days. Must be all the life experience.  I’ve noticed that the women in our class who are younger, not married or mothers are really uneducated about women’s health and pregnancy. It makes me so sad. Whether she is planning on becoming a mother someday or not, she NEEDS to know how her body works! Some of the questions had me gaping. I could not believe it. I have felt a stir inside of me to specifically focus on young women (teen moms) to ensure that they are properly educated about their pregnancy, nutrition, development and choices surrounding their situation.

College kid

Whelp, I’m a college kid again! Feels so weird but I have been loving every second. I have two online classes, medical terminology and pregnancy nutrition, and one night class, human growth and development, and all have been smooth sailing so far. I have aced the first two med term tests, written both discussions for this week, and a paper is done for HG&D. I need to finish the reading and my note-taking for pregnancy nutrition by Friday so I can add my discussions and take the test. The stress level has been a little high, but as of today I feel great about everything.

I have noticed that I barely have any time for anything other than school work between working full time and taking care of the fam. Posting will be limited but I will be here. Send me any birth stories or photos you’d like me to share here or on the fb page.