catch up and links

It’s been awhile! You’d think that it being summertime and all that I’d have more time to write that but that is not the case. I have transferred schools from a community college to a Christian University for nursing school. I have been taking their require prerec classes this summer online. I must say I LOVE when my classes are only 5 weeks long! It goes by so fast! I am also really happy with the transfer so far. In August I will begin Human Genetics and that should be fun.

In other news, my mom is totally done with cancer treatment! She finished her 6 weeks of radiation in mid July. Overall, she’s doing pretty well. She does still get tired easily but has a great attitude all the time. She’s my hero!

The kids have been super busy this summer with making friends with all the neighbor kids, playing in the pool, and generally having fun. We have been going to the rec center as they have a nice indoor pool. I’ve been trying to work out more.

We got back a week ago from an amazing trip to the mountains. It was so beautiful and a much need break from work and school life.

Below are some links I’d like to share that I’ve read over the summer. Enjoy!

Fukuoka Birth Center– super interesting read that a commenter shared about how different birthing practices are in comparison with America.

Colorado’s Push Against Teenage Pregnancies is a Startling Success– Awesome article and as a Coloradoan, I’m proud of our state for taking this on.

Calm and Beautiful Pictures of a Home Birthbeautiful photos! And holy cow that cord is thick!

That’s all for now! Have a great week.


currently on a thursday

I see most people are starting school this week and I cannot wait to get going again, BUT I have been SO insanely anxious for this semester to start and I really am not sure why it’s worse this time than any other semester. I am taking anatomy and physiology and cultural anthropology. Both these classes apply to my field and I think I am just so worried about not doing well in A&P. I honestly am terrified of failing, which is silly because I know I won’t! Anyway, I start the day after labor day. Both classes are online. I LOVE the online environment. It works with my home and work life perfectly.

How much did you love Clark’s birth story? Wasn’t it just beautiful?! Another birth story will be going up on Monday so check back for that.

After today, I have a four day weekend with my babies and I cannot wait! I’m hoping the weather is perfect and warm so we can hit the beach at the lake and maybe the splash pad down the street.

Have a beautiful day!