semester is over!

I am so happy to announce that the spring semester is over! I have to admit that this was not the easiest, but it did end up well and I learned a lot. My final grade in Human Sexuality was an A and in A&P II was a B…I am super happy with both grades! I feel so relieved, especially getting everything done and finding the time for classes between work and personal life.

I will be posting a pretty awesome research paper that I wrote for my Human Sexuality class on how to have a home birth in a hospital. Maybe even later today! While I had a lot of technical errors (it’s been SEVEN years since I last wrote a research paper!!), I feel really good about the content and that is what matters.

Have a lovely Hump Day!

~ Sarah


Spring semester is here!

I am officially up and running in two new classes this semester. Human Sexuality and Anatomy and Physiology II, both of which are online, have started out smoothly.

In other news…my mom is doing great with chemo. It’s certainly not fun and sucking every ounce of energy out of her, but I am so glad to hear that she is still working when she’s able and generally doing alright.

Lastly, I got my first ever schlac mani the other day and I love it! I probably will never go without one now! lol

Happy Thursday all!

Two weeks down

This is what being a full time working and part time schooling mama and wife looks like: not much blogging. Surprisingly, I have only felt the urge a few times and that is largely due to how exhausted I am by the time I finish working, studying, taking quizes, and showering before I have to go to bed. The house is a royal mess. I told B that I cannot be left to do everything, not that I was, but that he has to help me out more, especially with the things he hates doing (laundry). He is an incredible husband and has been so encouraging and supportive with me going back to school. So here’s the break down:

Medical terminology: I assumed that it would be hard. Lucky for me, mostly because I work in a hospital and I have a background in English, the class has been great and I’ve got a perfect grade so far. The reading is not too heavy and the terms are mostly familiar.

Pregnancy nutrition: A class I assumed would be easy is SO NOT. No joke. I took the first quiz last week and bombed it. I kicked myself over and over for not reading enough and then found out the entire class averaged a 61% and I didn’t feel as bad. I took the second quiz last night and did much better.

Human growth and development: I love this in person class. The professor is awesome. She is easy to relate to and for some reason, I have more to say now than I ever did back in my younger college days. Must be all the life experience.  I’ve noticed that the women in our class who are younger, not married or mothers are really uneducated about women’s health and pregnancy. It makes me so sad. Whether she is planning on becoming a mother someday or not, she NEEDS to know how her body works! Some of the questions had me gaping. I could not believe it. I have felt a stir inside of me to specifically focus on young women (teen moms) to ensure that they are properly educated about their pregnancy, nutrition, development and choices surrounding their situation.

5 more weeks

Hello everyone!

The countdown is on! Only 5 more weeks until I officially start my pre-recs for nursing school! I’m getting really excited and a little nervous. I’ve never been to school as a wife and mom so balancing those things all while working full-time is going to be quite the challenge.

I’ve been trying to remember all the things one needs for school and I’m failing! I don’t want to purchase anything I won’t need or use. I will be getting an iPad. I’m pretty excited to use such an awesome piece of technology for my education.

If any of you are student nurses and/or midwives could you share what your best and most helpful school tools and supplies are? I’m rusty on my study skills and habits but I’m hoping that my age and drive for this career make me an awesome student. I’ve always struggled to get the A, but I know this time will be different. So much of this is what I want to do and learn about, whereas before I was so unsure about becoming a teacher that the material was not as desireable. Does that make sense? Now I have a passion so strong for something that nothing will stand in my way to get the A. Haha!

Thank you all for reading and following along! Welcome to my new readers!

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Happy Monday!